Kansas courthouses

This page contains no legal content. A few years ago, I began snapping cell phone photos of the Kansas courthouses I practiced in. Kansas has 105 counties and a few counties have more than one courthouse. Except for the rash of them built in the 1960s, they are all unique. Many are near 100 years old. I will continue to update this page as I can with new photos, information, and links. 

Great Bend Barton County Courthouse

Barton County Courthouse

Ellsworth County courthouse. Built 1953. Picture 2015.

Ellsworth County Courthouse

Ellsworth County Courthouse

Kingman County Courthouse

Kingman County Courthouse

Lane County Courthouse

Dighton, Kansas

Reno County Courthouse

Reno County Courthouse

Russell County Courthouse

Below: Early pictures of the modern/current building.

Stafford County Courthouse

Stafford County Courthouse

Left: Barton County courthouse. Built in 1917. Picture 2012. 

Below: The Barton County courthouse when the stairs were still out front and during construction.


Left: Cloud County courthouse in Concordia. Built in 1958. Picture 2013. 


Below: Cloud County photos courtesy of the Cloud County Museum. For more, click here to visit their Facebook page.

Cowley County courthouse in Winfield. Built in 1962. Picture 2013.

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Below: Postcard of the old Ellsworth County Courthouse, built 1889.

Kingman County courthouse. Picture in 2015.

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McPherson County courthouse. Built in 1894.

Left: 2016.

Click here for the visitmcpherson.com courthouse page.

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Mitchel County courthouse in Beloit. Built in 1901. (I think). Picture 2012. Click here for more.

Pratt County courthouse. Picture 2014. Built in 1910 and remodeled in 1923 following a fire. 


Left: The original entrance to the second floor.

Right: The back side of the new courthouse and the new jail.

Reno County courthouse. Built in 1930. Picture 2013.

The Reno County website has some great information on their courthouse. Click here for the Reno county website.

Russell County courthouse.

Built in 1904.

Right: The original building.

Below: The "new" clock tower.

Stafford County courthouse. Built 1928. Picture 2015.

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Wilson County courthouse. Built in 1960-1961. Picture 2013.

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Below: A picture of the "new" courthouse in 1961 with the bell tower of the old courthouse still visible.