Divorce Lawyer in Great Bend, KS

Thinking about filing for divorce? Or has your spouse already filed and you are not sure what to do next? In either case, you need an attorney who can help you navigate through the emotional and confusing terrain of divorce. Call and speak with an experienced divorce attorney who can walk you through what to expect in your divorce.

Do you and your spouse have children? If so, then (unless you and your spouse can reach an agreement) the court will decide which spouse will have primary residential custody and who will have parenting time (visitation) and when. Once custody has been decided, then the issue of child support can be determined. In Kansas, there are child support guidelines that make determining child support fairly straight forward.

What about property? Again, absent an agreement of the parties, the court will make a fair and equitable division of property. More importantly, in Kansas, even though you may not get something your spouse inherited, all property of the parties should be accounted for and considered by the court in determining the "fair and equitable" division of property. 

Have you wondered whether alimony applies to your case? In Kansas, the law uses the term spousal maintenance instead of alimony. Whether or not spousal maintenance (alimony) is appropriate is a case by case determination that involves consideration of factors such as length of the marriage, need, ability to pay, and other facts unique to your situation.

Call me to speak with an experienced divorce attorney, who can explain your rights, and prepare you for what to expect in your divorce. Or, feel free to use the "contact us" feature and let us know about your case and ask any questions you may have.