DUI defense in Great Bend, KS

Did you know that when you are arrested for driving under the influence that two cases have started? There is both an administrative case and a criminal case.

Starting with your arrest for driving under the influence, the clock has started ticking in the administrative case. Your first appearance before a judge (assuming you have bonded out of jail) in the criminal case may not be set for several weeks. Do not wait until this date approaches before you consult an attorney. If you wait, you may not act soon enough to challenge the administrative case. Again, the administrative case is separate and distinct from the criminal case. Following an arrest for DUI, you should immediately seek out an attorney.

For many attorneys, DUI defense consists of reviewing the officer's dashcam to see if there is a valid traffic stop, reviewing the certification and testing on the breath test device, and then seeing if there is either a deal or a diversion to resolve the case. Proper DUI defense consists of much more.

As a founding member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys I have received advanced training in DUI defense - including field sobriety tests, officer training, and blood alcohol tests - to help you win your case.